60th marriage

60th Marriage

In Hindu culture, 60 years marks one full cycle of life and the 60th marriage is regarded as a very important point as the beginning of a new life cycle.

Traditionally, it is the first birthday in a person's life to be marked with a big celebration. And after that, big birthday celebrations are held every 10 years.

This importance of the 60th marriage is related to the Hindu zodiac.

Usually it is the sons and daughters who throw a big 60th birthday party for their parents to which they invite the whole of the extended family to celebrate the big day.

The reason for these large celebrations is that the 60th birthday is one of the few celebrated in Hindu culture, and comes with much fanfare. The 60th birthday is celebrated because it means a person has lived a long life. When my parents turned 60 we held big birthday celebrations for them and celebrated their lives and their accomplishments. While a celebration at 60 is certainly something to look forward to tradition


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